Employment Opportunity:  The position of LabVIEW and Information Technology Administrator at Kortright is now available. At Kortright there are a number of studies being conducted on renewable energy and sustainable housing and much of the job will involve overseeing the data acquisition system for these projects.  Towards this end, the candidate needs to have a high-level of understanding in regards to the National Instruments data acquisition system, LabVIEW programming and SQL database administration.  There are also a number of more general IT-related tasks associated with the job.  HPQ in our Network may be interested in this opportunity as (1) LabVIEW programming is common in academia but less so in industry and (2) this a rare chance to get employment in a research-like environment in the field of renewables outside of academia.

Please view the complete job posting, requirements, and application process here.  The deadline to apply is February 16, 2014.