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The Solar News Feeds provide a collective pull of timely general news on solar in Canada and internationally, in the media. The Network will post released reports, updates relevant to our work and activities from time to time, specific scientific articles, and other general news of interest, under Network News Posts. You can read some interesting information and perspectives on photovoltaics from our Highly Qualified Personnel who lead our Network Blog, and discover what value they gleaned from participating in training and educational exchange opportunities funded by our Network. Visit the Events Calendar which presents quite a wide range of conferences, webinars, and other learning and training events; it has been kept purposefully diverse so that YOU can decide what is relevant to your work and interests. Researchers can recruit new students, and students, and young professionals can learn about employment opportunities under Job Postings. Become familiar with our extended Network Community through our PhotoGallery. Finally, if you have important news, photos, or job postings to share, please Contact Us.