The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) shares its vision of what Canada’s solar electricity industry will look like leading up to 2020.

Roadmap 2020: Powering Canada’s Future with Solar Electricity was unveiled at Solar Canada 2014 and lays out a confident plan to identify barriers to success, outline opportunities, and make recommendations, ensuring Canada’s solar electricity sector is cost competitive by 2020.

The plan focuses on five key areas that require action:

  • Develop a supportive and stable policy and regulatory environment that recognize the total value of solar electricity, including externalities;
  • Simplify and streamline permitting and processes for grid interconnection and metering of solar electricity systems;
  • Reduce soft costs to levels consistent with global best practices;
  • Educate the Canadian population on the true benefits and costs of solar electricity, and empower them to take action to support and adopt solar; and
  • Develop new and enhance existing relationships with technologies, applications and stakeholders to create synergies that enables greater solar electricity use in Canada.

With the Roadmap 2020 as its guide, CanSIA will lead the way for Canada’s solar electricity future!