Research Themes

Our research focuses on the fundamentals of photovoltaic (PV) operation at the cell level.  The Network’s 5 research Themes span across Organic PV devices; Inorganic PV devices; Hybrid Organic-Inorganic PV devices; Nano-Structured PV devices; and Socio-Economic Factors and Public Policy.  Familiarize yourself with our diverse research interests.

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Want to know the details of what we are working on? Check out the research projects of our top tier researchers. We have 14 projects across the 5 themes. There are 32 Researchers working in 16 Universities across Canada. The Network provides educational and training opportunities to well over 100 Students and Young Professionals involved in studying photovoltaics and working on our projects.

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Facilities and Equipment

Are you interested in highly advanced technology? Review the list of hi tech equipment and facilities that we use at each of our universities to conduct our research and turn our ideas into reality.

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Knowledge Transfer

See how we are striving to spread our knowledge between Canada’s top professionals. Publications, presentations, media links, patents filed, and education and outreach experiences are presented for each project, and organized chronologically since the Network launch.

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