Photovoltaics and the Transition to a Carbon-Neutral Energy System in Canada

Group Photo for PROJECT13

left to right: Harris Berton (MSc student – Carleton University), Owen Temby (PDF – Carleton University), and Daniel Rosenbloom (PhD student – Carleton University).

::Download Scientific Description::  ::Project Researchers and Highly Qualified Personnel::  ::Project Progress Summary::  This project focuses on the political, policy and regulatory contexts for the development of photovoltaics (PV) in Canada. It considers the place PV may occupy in Canada’s energy future (particularly in light of policy concerns over climate change and sustainable development) and the policy and regulatory regimes required to ensure an appropriate and timely development and deployment of PV. The project is designed to answer three basic research questions: (1) What is the potential contribution of PV to Canada’s energy and greenhouse gas emissions reductions needs? (2) What can Canada learn from PV policy and regulatory frameworks in other countries? (3) What needs to be done to establish an appropriate policy and regulatory framework for PV in Canada?